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File specifications

The minimum accepted values for all preservation level digital capture of paper-based materials in the library are:

Spatial Resolution: 300 PPI

Pixel array: 4000 pixels on the long edge

Bit depth: 24-bit RGB

Color Space: eciRGBv2 or RGB 1998

Ratio: 1:1

These values are for the master digital file. This file is retained permanently.

The values are derived from and follow national standards like those set by the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) Still Image Working Group and the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA). Please refer to the following documents for more information:

A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections (NISO)

Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials (FADGI)

Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access (NARA)

If you have any further questions or think that a set of materials might need to adhere to a different set of standards, please contact the Digital Projects Librarian.

Wesleyan seeks to maintain current standards and will update these values as appropriate.