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An Environmental Assessment of China's South-North Water Transfer Project: How Engineering-based Solutions Cannot Solve China's Water Crisis
David Amongst Goliaths: The Far-Reaching Effects of Regime Change in Nepal on Aid and International Politics
DisOriented: A Brief Autobiography of a Transracial Adoptee
Everywhere A Garden
Japan’s Alliance Security Dilemma
Jointly Building the Belt and Road: An Investigation of Defensible BRI Operationalization in Malaysia
No Conflict of Principles Exists
Status Guo: US Role in Democratization on Taiwan, 1986-2000
Stones in the Sea: Wang Jingwei, Nationalism, and Collaboration
The End of an Alliance: A Historical Analysis of ROK-ROC Diplomatic Relations, 1972-92
The Fantasy Begins: The Affective Potential of Games Through Final Fantasies I and VI
The Weakest Link: The Impact of the Trump Administration on the Sino-Russian-American Trilateral Relationship
Transnational Longings, National Belongings