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A Journey to the Past with "Oracle Bone Script Paintings" and "Characters Paintings"
A Sense of Place: wayang kulit in Bali and wayang listrik in America
Actualizing Uji Through Composition
Anchors Aweigh: The Aesthetic of Surface in the Films of Kon Satoshi
Bildungsroman in the Films of Jia Zhangke: A Study of the Transformation of Chinese Youth Culture
Common Roots: Memory, Myth, and Legend in 20th-Century Chinese and Latin American Literature
From Mao to the Market: An Analysis of Chinese Higher Education in the Communist Era
Guanxi, Village Politics, and NGOs: The Complexities of Development and Education in Rural China
If I Were Born Under a Different Star: The Life and The China Experience of Mansfield Freeman
Liu Xuesheng: An ethnography of the socialization of Chinese students attending college in the United States
On the Making of a Perma-Culture: Tying Sustainable Land Systems and East Asian Traditions of Thought to a Holistically Sustainable Societal Model
Remembering Imperialism in China: British and Chinese Representations of the Destruction of Yuan Ming Yuan
Striving Toward a Lovable Nation: Nationalism and Individual Agency in the Writings of Chen Duxiu
The Barefoot Doctors: China's Rural Health Care Revolution, 1968-1981
The Gift of Remembrance
The Heart of "Native Soil": Cheng Ch'ing-wen's Three Legged Horse
Time, Space, and the Body in Atomic Bomb Literature: A Literary and Choreographic Investigation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Yesterday's Loner: Parody and Social Ambiguity of the Yakuza
全球话嘻哈 Globalizing Chinese Hip Hop: Creating Cross-Cultural Socio-Political Rap Music