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"Life is Suffering": Exile, Suffering, and Cure in Tibetan Narratives from Dharamsala
"Religion" in Practice: Making the Mood of the Nation through Tourism in Japan
"The Contradiction at the Heart of the World": Nietzsche, Jesus, and the Detonation of Denotation
A Trip to the Moon: Lunar Fantasies and Earthly Supremacy
Arming God: Demons, Myth and Text in Spiritual Warfare Christianity
At the Frontlines of God's Army: BattleCry as a Microcosm of Modern Evangelical Culture
Chulent: Post-Hasidic Explorations and Jewish Modernities
Constructing Colonial Binaries: French Representations of Religion in Algeria and Morocco
Cyberspirituality: Constructing Religion through the Internet
Emptiness and Wholeness: Untangling the "Realities" of Tibetan Buddhism and Quantum Physics
Impossible Enchantment: The Paranormal, the Sacred, and the Secular
Into the Middle of Things: Traumatic Redemption and the Politics of Form
Missionary Lizards: Dinosaurs in American Evangelicalism
Sorta, Kinda Muslim: The Impact of Western Hegemony on Muslim Identity Negotiation in Kosovo
The Ambivalent Nature of Christianity: Reconfiguring Black Identity in South Africa
This Land Was Not Made for You and Me: The Black Hills Dispute, and Struggles for Authority in Sacred Land Conflicts
Three Creative Encounters: Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and Authority in American Convert Communities
We All Deserve To Die: Uncovering the Warped Christological Model in Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd