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Alyssa DaSilva (2021): HomeBody
Amy Leigh Schaap (2021): Counter Form
An Pham (2021): This Daughter Mine
Ben Lyon (2021): Subsurface
Candice April Ragasa Cirilo (2021): fluoxedreams
Ciara Jeanne O'Flynn (2021): In The Hatred Of A Minute (Trembling Figures)
Dayna Rose Weissman (2021): Homecoming
Dohyung Kim (2021): 우리 (Woori)
Eric Roe (2021): Paintings
Gabriela Banda (2021): MIRA PA'CÁ
Kyron Ammar Roberts (2021): Queer Boi, But I'm Perfect
Luisa Bryan (2021): .join()
Rachel Alexandra Mondshine (2021): All Day Suckers
Sam Chase Javellana Hill (2021): Rending
Sarina Hahn (2021): The Carrier Bag
Tyler Trippe Barr (2021): Public House
Verónica Socorro Matos (2021): La basura del encanto