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"An Unorthodox Enemy": Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder Comorbidity in a Veteran Population
Confronting Evil on the Stage: The Immoral Villain as a Moral Figure
Counting Calories and Considering Contexts: The Politics of Obesity in the "Black Belt" from an Ecological Perspective
Discrimination Experiences of Latina/os: Mental Health Outcomes, Emotional Responses, and Coping Mechanisms
Emotional Memory for Film Clips
Exploring the Chemical and Biological Nature of Sonic Hedgehog Dependent Cell Proliferation
Foreignness at Home: Enemy Alien Control during World War II
Masculinities and Mammoni: The Unmarried "Mamma's Boys" in Italian Cinema
Nesting the Nation: Youthful Conceptions of Nature, Culture, and Modernity in Wilhelmine Germany
No Teacher Left Behind: A Look at Alternative Systems of Educator Evaluation
Pharmaceutical Technologies of the Self, or The Age of Ambien
Plagiarism as Art: Musical Borrowing and Copyright Law
Reshaping Traditions: A Composition Inspired and Informed by The Sacred Harp
Spectral Analysis and Characterization of Model Amyloid Proteins
The American Response to the Russian "Opening" of the 1990s: oil investment and U.S. aid
The Endless Revolution: New Patterns in Dystopian Science Fiction