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An Exploration of CP-Knowers' Understanding of Higher Numbers
Biased reasoning: The influence of group membership on the automaticity of children's assessments of good and bad actions
Children's Use of Social Category Information in Predicting Social Relationships
Children's use of landmark information in maps
Cognitive Foundations of Prosocial Behavior
Early Childhood Executive Functions: Components, risk factors, and interventions
Kindergarten Kickstart: Outcomes of a Research-Based Summer Pre-K Program
Student Stress in High-Pressure College Preparatory Schools
The Development and Evaluation of the Wesleyan Preschool-Math Curriculum
The Effect of Friendly Touch on Compliance in Preschool-Age Children
The Effects of Learning American Sign Language on College Students' Spatial Cognition
The Intergenerational Transmission of Racial Attitudes: The Effects of Colorblind Parenting
The Relative Contributions of Physical Attractiveness and Prosocial Behavior in Preschool Friendship Choices
The Role of Language in the Cognitive Development of Number Concepts: Evidence From and Towards an Understanding of Oral Deaf Cognition
Two's Company: Examining children's early meanings for the word "two"
What Should Nancy Do? Developing an Assessment of Preschool Socioemotional Abilities
What matters most? Examining socioeconomic disparities and predictors of early math ability