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A Computational Investigation of the Initiation Mechanisms of Thiol-Vinyl Sulfone Reactions
An Investigation of Selective Ternary Thiol-Michael Reactions
Computational and Spectroscopic Investigations of Reversible Furan-Maleimide Cycloadditions: Parent Reaction and Derivatized Analogues.
Computational and Spectroscopic Study of Boronate Ester Condensations and their Derivatives
Design and Synthesis of Discrete Covalent Organic Polygons
Design and Synthesis of Novel Poly(ethylene glycol)-Based Brush-Arm Star Polymers
Development and Applications of Rotaxane Stoppers
Exploring an Alternative Synthetic Pathway for the Total Synthesis of Rocaglamide
Initiation and Byproduct Formation in Thiol-Michael Reactions
Manipulation of Differential Metal Ion Reduction Towards the Synthesis of Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Progress Towards [2+2] and [3+3] Covalent Organic Polygons
Progress Towards the Synthesis of Water-Soluble Rotaxane Stoppers
Selective, Radical-Mediated Additions of Thiols to Alkenes in the Presence of Protected Alkynes
Synergy of Dynamic Covalent and Click Methodologies in Dendrimer Synthesis
Synthesis and Study of a Water-soluble Macrocycle
Synthesis of a Furan-Substituted Crown Ether Macrocycle and Applications in Host-Guest and Dynamic Diels-Alder Self-Assembling Systems.
The Progress Towards the Synthesis of a Biofunctionalized Rotaxane
The Synthesis of "Smart" Polymers via "Click" Chemistry and Photo-labile stoppers