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"A Drop of Sun": Utopia and Ruin in a New Postcolony
Andante Cantabile
Death, Wonder, and Language in Nietzsche
Die Alternative für Deutschland: The German Radical Right Re-Ignited by Strategic Narratives of Immigration
Revisiting Fukuyama: The End of History, the Clash of Civilizations, and the Age of Empire
Second-Hand Smoke: Chilean Postmemory in Exile
Skateboarding, Video Gaming, And Political Theory
The Act of Union: Death or Reprieve for the Highlands? A Study of the Socio-Economic Impact of the Union on the Highlands of Scotland, 1707-1745
The Aesthetic Agent: The Annex of Genius into Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetic Theory
The Crucial Mythology of the American Teacher
The Nervous Fibres of the Individual: Mechanisms of the Mind in Three Mid-Eighteenth-Century English Novels
The Technological Society As Paradise And Dystopia
Tirocinium Imperii: Public School Education in the Victorian Era, the Classical Curriculum, and the British Imperial Ethos