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"Watch Me Vanish": Dramatizing Depression in Contemporary Playwriting
A Permanent Soldier: Notes From the Forever War
An Infinity of Falsehoods (a novella)
Breaking Points: Three Stories
Fostering Resilience: A Study of Thriving in Therapeutic Foster Parents
Ghost Cities: A Novel
Grief Orchid or How I Learned to Forgive Milton Munn
La Gringa
The Final Evening Bell: A Prep School Memoir
The Forbidden Genre: The Evolution of the Psychiatric Memoir and the Narrativity of Madness Pre- and Post-DSM
The Judgment: A Screenplay Adaptation
The Problematic Transformation of Neuroscientific Knowledge into Legislative Change: A Case Study from the Connecticut Juvenile Justice System
Vanishing Point- A Renaissance Love Story
Where Do I Go From Here
Who Delights in Thunder