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Alone Together: An Urban Ethnography of Los Angeles Through Drivers’ Experiences
Dank Spirituality: Rehashing New Age Cannabis Culture
Expansive Judaism and Affective Belonging: An Ethnography of IKAR
Overstaying Their (Un)Welcome
Personalizing the Press: Subjectivity and Individuation in Digital Journalism
Policing the Bromance: Platonic Male Relationships in Cop Shows
Purity's Appeal: Sexual Culture and the Abstinence Movement
Strangers on a Train: Stories of Contemporary American Train Travel
The Afterlives of Things
The Politics of Devotional Labor: Women in the Panchayat Raj
The Virtual Campfire: An Ethnography of Online Social Networking
Travel as Homemaking: The Building of Mobile Intentional Communities
What Is It, If It's Not TV? Differentiation and Distinction in American Cable Dramas
Women on the Move: Representation and Gender Change in the Sitcom