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Effects of Fluctuating Energy Input on the Small Scales in Turbulence
Experimental Measurement of the Stress Tensor in a Quasi-2D Granular Gas
Experimental Study of Lagrangian Velocity and Energy Statistics in Inhomogeneous Turbulence
Fiber Orientation Fields in Turbulence
Granular Gravitational Collapse in Realistically Simulated Granular Gases
Lord Kelvin's Error? An Investigation into the Isotropic Helicoid
Ramified Deformable Particles in Simple Shear
Rotational Dynamics of Anisotropic Particles in Turbulence: Measurements of Lagrangian Vorticity and the Effects of Alignment with the Velocity Gradient
Sedimentation and Orientation of Slender Particles in a Laminar Flow
The Alignment of Rods and Disks in Turbulence
Turbulence Generated by a Randomly Pulsed Through Flow Jet-Array
Two Point Correlations Between Velocity Sums and Differences, and Their Implications for Large-Small Scale Correlations in Fluid Turbulence