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'Hijacking the Movement': The Saxe-Alpert Controversy, Media Politics and the Making of Radical Feminism in the U.S., 1974-1976
'Our Women are Brave on Alcatraz': Place and Memory in Indigenous Resistance, 1969-1971
Borderland Bodies: Queering Intersectional Health Activisms
British Borobudur Buddha: Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Orientalist Antiquarianism, and a Material Historiography of Java (1811-1816)
Edinburgh Print Culture and the Construction of Scottish National Identity, 1688-1707
Exploring Ecological Healing in a Settler Colonial Context: The Elwha River and Moses Prairie Restoration Projects
From "America's Queen" to "Lady Macbeth": The First Lady, Feminism, and the Construction of Public Womanhood
God Trusts the British in the Dark: Visual Diplomacy of the British Raj
I Belong to Every Country: John James Audubon & the Multivalence of National Identity
Preaching the Pill and Planning Parenthood: Chronicling Family Planning in Mexico, 1952-1962
Private Matters for the Public Good: The Dispensary Movement in Eighteenth-Century England
The 'Meaning of Empire Day': Imperial Citizenship and Youth in Edwardian England
The Medical Profession and the Lost Promise of Legalization: Creating the Abortion Provider Shortage
The Social Space of The Café: How Service and Physical Design Condition Social Performances.
Trapped in Transit: Rendering Bodies Subject or Suspect at the Airport
who Paid the Piper: Mid-Twentieth Century Science, Psychology, and the New York Times