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A Geochemical Investigation of the Monticchio Lakes, Monte Vulture, Basilicata, Italy
A Tale of Two Lakes: Hydrothermal Geochemistry of the Newberry Volcano, OR
Aqueous geochemistry of an active magmato-hydrothermal system: Copahue Volcano, Río Agrio, and Lake Caviahue, Neuquén, Argentina
Chemical Variation within the Talcott flood basalt, Connecticut
Modeling Carbon Dynamics in the Twin Newberry Volcanic Lakes, Oregon
Perched Pond Kinematics of the 1783, Laki Lava Flow Field, Iceland
The Carbon Dynamics of East Lake, Newberry Volcano, Oregon
The Geochemical Dynamics of Paulina Lake, Newberry Volcano, Oregon
The Petrology and Geochemistry of Volcan Callaqui, Chile
Tin Contamination In The Mattabesset River
Transport and Fate of Historic Mercury Pollution from Danbury, CT through the Still and Housatonic Rivers