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"Jämställdhet": Analyzing the Analysts and Mastering the Swedish Gender Discourse
A Currency You Can't See: Bitcoin And Its Impacts On Our Society
A comparative socio-economic study of integration between North African and Southeast Asian immigrants to France
An Algorithm for Reform: The Potential Impact of Blended Learning on American Education
Cultural Policy and Economic Development:  Empirical and Political Complexities of Relating Arts to Growth in Cities
Echoing Silence: Memory and Contestation in the Neoliberal City
My Land or Our Land: Farmland Preservation in Connecticut
Rhetoric and Reason in the Estate Tax Repeal Debate
The Effect of Teachers' Unions on District Performance or: "Hey Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone?"
The General Infantry's Bill of Rights: The varied effect of military service and veteran's benefits on non-white and female veterans from 1945-2011
The History and Effects of Cigarette Regulation: A Historical and Econometric Analysis of Cigarette Taxation and Regulation in the United States
The Labor Market Trifecta: Race, Gender, and Personality
The Relationships Between Inequality, Economic Growth, and Political Control: Explorations Using U.S. State-level Panel Data, 1969 - 2005
To Float, To Peg or To Hide? De Facto Exchange Rate Regime Analysis
Understanding Gentrification: a Case Study Approach
Welfare, Work, and Women: A Comprehensive Approach to the Effects of Government Assistance
Where The Great City Stands: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Thinking About Cities