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"Food for People, Not for Profit": Justice and the Food Movement
Animal-Attentive Queer Theories
Assessing the Psychological Well-being of Chimpanzees
Enacting International Moral Responsibility:  The Normative Dynamics of Humanitarian Interventions
Is Depo-Provera Birth Control? Feminist Regulation at the Intersection of Reproductive Self Determination and Social Control
Learning to Understand: The Role of Language Education in Bridging the Gap between Multiculturalism and Cosmopolitanism
Re[Framing] Climate Change
Signing On, Getting Off: How Heterosexual Internet Pornography Is Damaging Sexual Development and Identity Formation
Vulnerable Becomings: Reimagining Human Relationships with Horses and Other Beings
Walking with Giants: Ecofeminist Insights on Elephant Tourism in Thailand
Women Who Lead: Environmental Activism and Gender Performance