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"Going Glocal": Toward a New Social Movement Theory
A Fragmented Society?:  The Myth of Regionalism in South Korea
A Walk In The Neighborhood
Conventional Wisdom Overturned
David Amongst Goliaths: The Far-Reaching Effects of Regime Change in Nepal on Aid and International Politics
In Search for Democracy: Korean Provisional Government
Japan’s Alliance Security Dilemma
Maternal Health and the Relaxation of the One-Child Policy in China, 2004-2015
Opportunity, Resistance, Change: Citizen Engagement and Interference in China's Land Policy Reform Process
Pipeline Resistance
Policy and Planning for Water Infrastructure Projects in the People's Republic of China
Sprouting from Fissures: Pluralizing the Conceptions of China
The Story Behind the Boom: International and Domestic Sources of Influence on Chinese Renewable Energy Policy-Making
The “One Country, Two Systems” Model: Hong Kong’s Economic, Political, and Cultural Response to Increasing Integration and Influence from Mainland China