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A Balancing Act: Population Policy, Son Preference, and Asia's Missing Daughters
An Unfulfilled Promise: Persistent Inequality in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Don’t Bet the Farm: Insights from Two Cases of Agricultural Policy Adjustment
Facilitating Development: The Potential of NGOs, Corporations and the U.S. Government to Alleviate Poverty in Kenya
Freshwater Negotiation in the Nile River Basin: What Explains the Patterns of Conflict and Cooperation?
From Business As Usual to Business Unusual: Exceptionalism in African Relations with France and China
How to Recognise Different Types of Assistance From Quite a Long Way Away: The European Union, China, and African Development
Quiet Corruption: Teachers Unions and Leadership in South African Township Schools
Rational Irrationality: Borrowing from Informal Moneylenders in Uganda
The Paradox of the Cuentos Chinos: The Future of Sino-Ecuadorian Relations
You Win Some, You Lose Some: The Political Economy of Formal Entrepreneurship in Kampala, Uganda