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"Allegro di Krontjong": Life and Works of Amir Pasaribu
A Story With No Words: An Orchestrated Story and an Exploration of the Meaning within Music
A Symphonic Rhapsody: An Original Composition
A Union of Forms: Contemporary Interpretation and Application of Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk Within the Mediums of Music and Poetry
An Analysis of Villa-Lobos Early Guitar Works: The Synthesis of Antagonistic Musical Resources
Between Order and Chaos: An Exploration of Power Dynamics and Democratic Rehearsal Techniques in School Choirs
Causes And Solutions For The Recent Decline In Recorded Music Sales
Essays after Original Compositions
From Source to Sea: A River Thesis
Hisaishi'd Away: An Analysis of Joe Hisaishi's Film Scoring Technique/The "Elemental" Symphony
Hor mentre i canti alterno: A Study on the Transition from Modality to Tonality in the Music of Claudio Monteverdi
Longing in Suburbia: Figurative Soundscapes in Popular Music
Me Prometheus: A Work on Progress
Notes on a New Piano Concerto in F Major, and the Works that Inspired It
Point A to Point B and All that Lies Between: A Musical Analysis of the Transitional Passages in Richard Wagner's Das Rheingold
Smith, Johnson, and Waller: The Birth of Stride Piano and Three Pieces for Piano: My Sometimes Lover, Camden Catch, and J's Meadow
The Artist's Refuge: Idiosyncratic Properties of the Organ Music of Jehan Alain
The Evolution of Western Representations of China through an Operatic Lens
Twentieth-Century Compositional Resources