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"Porque soy voz de la calle" Navigating the Global and the Local in Dominican Hip Hop
A Conscious Citizen: Sam Cooke, Racial Performativity, and the Crisis of Crossover Music
A Transformation of the First Ladyship: Jacqueline Kennedy and the Refashioning of American Cultural Visuality in the Early 1960s
Aztlan, Revisited: Towards a reconfiguration of Queer Chicano Literary Discourse
Broken Borders: Rhetorical Constructions of the 'lllegal Alien" and the National Body
Brook Farm: The Shortcomings of a Transcendentalist Utopia
Civic Engagement and Education Advocacy: The Past, Present and Future of the Parent Teacher Association
Foreignness at Home: Enemy Alien Control during World War II
Getting Through the White Tape:  A Reexamination of Arab American Racial Formation
Imagining the West: The Gamble and the Myths of the California Gold Rush
Los Angeles: Metropolis despite Nature
Maple Sugaring: Tapping into an American Tradition
Mayors, Slums, and Universities: Urban Renewal, Civic Leadership, and Community Response in Two Connecticut Cities
Mierle Laderman Ukeles: A History of Feminist Art and Social Change in the United States
Neglected, Vagrant, and Viciously Inclined: The Girls of the Connecticut Industrial School, 1867-1917
Restoring the South: Nostalgia and Memory in Plantation House Preservation
Temperance in Antebellum Middletown
The Forgotten Treason: The Plot to Overthrow FDR