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"Bomb and Burn 'Em till They Quit": The Line Between Unjustifiable Civilian Deaths and Military Necessity During the Incendiary Bombing of Japan, 1945
"Power in the People is like Light in the Sun": A Historical Perspective on State Resistance in the Trumpian Age
"There Is Torture Here": International Norms and the Politics of Taboo
A History of the American War Powers: Civil War to Gulf War
Do Good to Do Bad?: Assessing Recent Pro Bono Movement within South Korean Law Firms
Holy Economic History of the American Comic Book Industry, Batman!
Ich Bin Adolf Eichmann: A Screenplay
Informal Institutions and Yamaha's Mysterious Diversion
Opposing Ideologies and Unintended Consequences: A History of Federalism, Coal, and Poverty in West Virginia
Pax Vigilanticus: Vigilantism, Order and Law in the Nineteenth Century American West
Seeing through the Smoke: The Origins of Marijuana Prohibition in the United States
The Development of the M-form in the American Automobile Industry
The Evolution of Water Law Toward the Efficient Allocation of Water Rights: An Analysis of England and California
The Fish Order of Nineteenth Century Bengal: Contracting and Colonialism in the Gangetic Delta
The Future of Microfinance Institutions:  Fostering Financial Inclusion for the World's Poor
The Intentional Human Rights Failures of States
The Jury Is Out: Negotiated Agreements in the German Inquisitorial System
Theater of the World: Contemporary Art of China Since 1989
Untangling The Great Transformation: A Tale of Market and Society