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Approaching Trauma in Post- Dictatorship Argentina: Using Techniques of Fiction in Documentary Film to Recover from the Past
Beyond the Infinite: A Genre Study of the Hypothetical Space Film
Extraños Patrones: The Films of Lucrecia Martel
Face Values (a short film)
Finding Luxo: Discovering the Pixar Brand through Short Form Storytelling
I Understood That Reference
I've Got a Theory, It Could Be Whedon: Understanding the Televisual Auteur
Moving Panels: Translating Comics to Film
Plot, Participation, and Playing Pretend: Narrative Pleasure in Single-Player Video Games
Reframing the Disaster Genre in a Post-9/11 World
Relinquishing The Frame:
Road to Callisto
Scare Me, I Dare You: A Neuropsychological Account of the Horror Film
Sentiment and Spectacle: An Analysis of Narrative and Style in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings
The Netflix Effect: Impacts of the Streaming Model on Television Storytelling
The Wit And Wisdom Of Woody Allen