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"Empty Millenial Frenzy": American Fiction and Economic Prosperity of the 1990s
A Bastard Form: The Problem of Celebrity and the Rise of the New Journalism
An Adversarial Place: The 1989-1990 Academic Year at Wesleyan University
An Insurgent Aesthetic: Reading Richard Wright
Art/Official Insemination: Social Reproduction in the Novels of Thomas Pynchon
Between Biotechnics and Nowhere: Ralph Ellison, Lewis Mumford, and an Emergent Post-Industrial New York
Faulkner after the War
Fear Springs Eternal: The Cold War, 9/11, and the Literature of Existential Fear
Get It Up: Two Lesbians and a Gay Man Walk into a Bar
Giving Up, Settling Down: Mad Men, The Sopranos, and Professional Class Marriage
How to Laugh at Sentimental Fools: Comic Memoirs and the Professional Class
Magic Lessons: The Influence of Contemporary Theories of Education on the Construction of Children's Fantasy Literature
More: Robert Christgau and the Invention of Rock Criticism
Read/Write: an Aesthetics of Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Shading in the Landscape: Framing the Novels of Frank Waters
The Disappearing Village: Anderson, Glaspell, and the Modern American Landscape
The Middle Fringe: David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Franzen, and the American Novel
This Country: A James Baldwin Bibliomemoir
War Opus: Art, Ideology and Ontology in William T. Vollmann's Europe Central