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"A Revolution Is not a Dinner Party": Revolutionary Songs in People's Daily During Cultural Revolution China
Cosmopolitan, Nativist, Eclectic: Cultural Dynamics in Indonesian Musik Kontemporer
Fifty-Six Years After:  Music, Land, and Shifting Tibetan National Identity in The Shoton Festival in India
Hearing the Korean Global: Hallyu in the Music of K-dramas
Musical "Beastliness" in the Roman de Fauvel (BN fr. 146): Chaillou's "addicions" and Sensory Danger
Performing Postmodern Taiwan: Gender, Cultural Hybridity, and the Male Cross-Dressing Show
Play Us a Song: The Structure and Aesthetics of Music in Video Games
Tunes of Yore: New Popularization of the Guqin in 21st Century China
全球话嘻哈 Globalizing Chinese Hip Hop: Creating Cross-Cultural Socio-Political Rap Music