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"Jämställdhet": Analyzing the Analysts and Mastering the Swedish Gender Discourse
A Currency You Can't See: Bitcoin And Its Impacts On Our Society
A comparative socio-economic study of integration between North African and Southeast Asian immigrants to France
An Algorithm for Reform: The Potential Impact of Blended Learning on American Education
Cultural Policy and Economic Development:  Empirical and Political Complexities of Relating Arts to Growth in Cities
Echoing Silence: Memory and Contestation in the Neoliberal City
My Land or Our Land: Farmland Preservation in Connecticut
Party in the House? Examining the Effects of Political Control on State Government Spending
Rhetoric and Reason in the Estate Tax Repeal Debate
The Effect of Teachers' Unions on District Performance or: "Hey Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone?"
The General Infantry's Bill of Rights: The varied effect of military service and veteran's benefits on non-white and female veterans from 1945-2011
The History and Effects of Cigarette Regulation: A Historical and Econometric Analysis of Cigarette Taxation and Regulation in the United States
The Labor Market Trifecta: Race, Gender, and Personality
The Relationships Between Inequality, Economic Growth, and Political Control: Explorations Using U.S. State-level Panel Data, 1969 - 2005
To Float, To Peg or To Hide? De Facto Exchange Rate Regime Analysis
Understanding Gentrification: a Case Study Approach
Welfare, Work, and Women: A Comprehensive Approach to the Effects of Government Assistance
Where The Great City Stands: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Thinking About Cities