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Graduate Liberal Studies Works (MALS/MPHIL)

A Commentary on David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp
This commentary seeks to create a method and apparatus for reading Asterios Polyp. It offers a way of reading, a method; it also offers essays which facilitate an understanding of the novel; and it offers interpretations and analyses. On one level, it appeals to the reader in us, desperate for a way to come to grips with a work which by its very nature defies traditionally held beliefs about comics and what constitutes a novel. On another level, it serves as a way for teachers and students to gain insight and knowledge of the text through a deeper understanding of the content and context of the novel., 2014-04-14, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)
How Many Games of Spider Solitaire are Winnable?
The game of Spider Solitaire is analyzed to determine the number of the 104! initial arrangements of cards that have a winning solution. The game is broken down into its essential characteristics. Five parameters describing a Spider Solitaire game card pack and board configuration are formulated allowing variants of the game, notably smaller ones, to be analyzed. A computer program is developed and used to analyze and simulate the play of the various game variants. A class of Spider solitaire games using an infinite number of cards is then examined and used as a basis for constructing a graph of game positions traversed by a random walk. A suggestion for a new type of Spider game based on the graph construction is presented. A definitive answer is not reached. Areas for continued explorations are suggested., 2012-04-30, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)
Hunger Upon the Land
1999-03-17, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)
Jazz Writers and Critics: The Role of Critical Voices in the Life of Jazz
The musical art recognized as jazz attained its current -- that is to say 21st century -- elevated cultural position in part due to the contributions of jazz writers, critics, essayists and academics., 2014-05-01, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)
Last Writings of Japan's Special Attack Corps Members
The Japanese military carried out numerous organized suicide attacks (called tokkō or special attacks in Japanese) against Allied naval vessels during the last ten months of World War II. Nearly 6,000 young Japanese men who died while making these attacks left behind many personal letters, diary entries, and poems that they wrote after assignment to the Special Attack Corps (tokkōtai in Japanese). The present study analyzes these writings both quantitatively and qualitatively by identification of common themes and by examination of writings that expressed personal concerns including the few that voiced disagreement with government and military leadership and policies. Even though final writings of Japan's Special Attack Corps members reflect enthusiastic agreement for the military's suicide attack strategy and the emperor-focused militaristic ideology promoted by the state, the government and military channeled and restricted their written thoughts through indoctrination, propaganda, and organizational controls. The present study analyzes writings of 392 Special Attack Corps members and includes many excerpts to illustrate more frequent common themes. The Appendix provides links to web pages where complete writings and basic biographical information of Special Attack Corps members included in the present study have been translated to English.
Medieval Manifestations: The Expression of Emotions in Twelfth-Century French Literature
2014-04-09, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)
Paul Reynaud and the Reform of France's Economic, Military and and Diplomatic Policies of the 1930s
This thesis explores the career in the 1930s of Paul Reynaud, a French center-right politician who took a number of positions that ran counter to settled French economic, military and diplomatic policies in the aftermath of the First World War, as well as to the orthodoxies of his own political movement. Reynaud supported the devaluation of the French franc, the adoption of an offensive military strategy based on the creation of armored forces, and diplomatic alliances with the Soviet Union and Great Britain, all in the service of preparing France to deal with the threat of Nazi Germany. Reynaud's economic theories contributed to the economic revival of France in 1938-1939 while he was Minister of Finance. Reynaud was premier in May-June 1940, when Germany forces overwhelmed the French army. Although he advocated continued resistance to Germany, Reynaud lost the support of his cabinet in June 1940 and eventually resigned as premier, allowing Philippe Petain to become head of a collaborationist Vichy France., 2015-10-31, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)
Redevelopment in Middletown: How It All Began
1977-05-01, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)
The Troll: A Novella
The Troll presents a somewhat cartoonish narrative of individuals dissolving into their landscape., 2014-05-09, Old URL:, In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted (InC-NC)